Dear All of America,

Subject: Dear All of America,
Date: 22 Feb 2017

In class I was given an assignment to read a classic novel. At first I was sure the book was going to be boring just because it is the classic Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I got interested and that’s when I started to dug a little more. The story was about a fireman who burns books and doesn’t know the reason why they do. Until he gets curious. The society in this book is very strict and the government hides all the knowledge people desire to have. They think that if people knew what was really going on, everyone would start arguments and wars on a specific topic. And in a place like that would be very dangerous.
Back then when slavery was happening. The owners would keep their slaves unintelligent so they wouldn’t go against them. If the slaves were exposed to any education they would try to go against them and that would be very dangerous. It’s kind of like in the book, when the society was kept from the knowledge they desired to have they just pushed it to the side and thought that reading books were a bad thing because they were being told it was. In the book, when Montag got to get a little curious and read some books he became a little more intelligent than he thought he would. And it helped him expand his thinking a little more.
People in the world are oblivious of what is really going on and they just push it to the side. Society is more focused on television and the news and technology, not what is really going on. Everyone is not leaning towards their own paths; they follow whatever everyone else is doing.
In the world we live in technology is building us and we put our trusts to it. I am not saying that it is a bad thing but why don’t we put our trusts to reading and gaining our knowledge to expand our thinking and what not. So put down that tablet or phone and gain your knowledge from books. Just like what Montag did. He got curious and thought he was too dumb to read such books and he got so obsessed he went to Faber to get help. He expanded is thinking, literature and memory.
No, it isn’t irrelevant. Intelligence is more important than anything else in the world. Without it we wouldn’t be able to build our country or own political views. It is all from our minds. And when we read we’d gain the knowledge we desired. Our world right now is very lucky to what is in the book. They were restricted from knowledge and intelligence. It got me thinking that in the world we live in now some people don’t even care to learn more and aren’t grateful of what we have.