counting stars

Subject: counting stars
From: Hales
Date: 25 Dec 2014

I don't know what makes me write a letter suddenly but I've always learnt I express more when I write and so that's what I am doing. For you. For me. I don't know if you will ever find this letter or even know it's for you but it doesn't matter.
You're 15000 miles apart in a different country and probably even enjoying your new life and I am so happy for you that you finally made it :-)
I don't know if you realise but we finished one year to our friendship which started rather funnily. I still smile when I recall the first time we met and how I was a kid when u blasted me for nearly hitting you with my bicycle. After that years passed and we met again and this time to become very dear friends.
When I became friends with you I knew you'd leave to fulfill your dreams soon but I still wanted to spend all the time that was left with YOU. And in that journey I started knowing you.
As expected time slipped by like sand and it was time for you to leave. There were a million things in my heart that I wanted to say, that were left to say but I couldn't. And you left. I was in love with you maybe I always was even when you were here but I tried to fight those feelings because I was too scared to be broken again. I hadn't loved anyone since two years and yet you made it so simple to love you.
After you left I thought that the love for you will fade away because I will get busy and so would you. But it didn't. I still miss you and even the smallest of things remind me of you. It makes me smile and reminds me of our happy times. I don't know if you miss me but I guess it doesn't really matter.
I just want to say that I LOVE YOU and I don't expect you to love me back nor do I expect you to even know that I love you because when you're in love all this doesn't matter much. I just want you to be happy with whoever completes you.
I am more than happy to be that friend to whom you look up to when u need solace and I can be that friend for the whole lifetime. I have no complains nor any regrets, instead I feel happy. Maybe that's what love is and that's what it should be...
I miss you and think of you every single day. I smile whenever I get a msg from you. I know you are miles apart and there's a very remote chance that we might end up together in the future but distance means so little when someone means so much.
I just want to say six words to you-I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. Whenever you will need me you will find me by your side as the friend you needed and the friend you will need.
I'm an atheist but you believe in god and you have tried so many times to make me believe he exists. Well if he does exist I want only one thing from him. Your happiness.
You don't have to love me back at all. Your friendship is enough and it will always be because love doesn't mean forcing anyone to love you back. I'm just happy to be a part of your life and thankful to you for giving me hope when I had given up on love.
I am signing this letter by the pet name you gave me saying my name is too long. How you forgot that your name is even longer than mine :)

Yours truly and with lots of love