China's 10,000 fake foreign English TEFL teachers being exposed by name, photos, and then arrested and sent home as convicted criminals

Subject: China's 10,000 fake foreign English TEFL teachers being exposed by name, photos, and then arrested and sent home as convicted criminals
From: China Scam Patrol
Date: 2 Jun 2017

Back in Marchof 2017, Deputy Administrator Song of China's SAFEA bureau (State Administration Foreign Experts Affairs) in their Beijing HQ office, openly admitted that "China has a big problem with fake foreign teachers estimated to now be one-third of all the foreign teachers working in China." That "one-third" equates to roughly 10,000 "teachers" that really never taught anyone anything before they arrived to China. In fact, many were unemployed and a few hundred even have criminal records.

The following month, over 1,000 fake foreign teachers were arrested under China's "False Documents Law" for using faked or forged diplomas, TEFL Certificates, and even phony police certifucates, which were provided by shady and unlicensed recruiters. Both the recruiters and those arrested are named in this report. The arrests were made across 18 provinces in China and the Deputy Director Wu Heping of the PSB vowed to expand the hunt for "fraudulent foreign teachers unqualified to teach in any country". His agency has resorted to offering 15,000 yuan rewards and even running sting operations that advertise fake jobs on all the expat forums including:

Those that respond to the ads are invited to a very realistic interview and when it comes time to inspect passports, and diplomas, police certificates, and TEFL certificates all are photographed. The documents are then checked and those without legal Z visas are arrested on the spot. Those whose diplomas, police certificates, and TEFL certificates cannot be verified, are offered the great new job, and when they report for work are arrested and then deported within 30 days. These stings were started back in 2014 following an email that first exposed this fake teacher problem. But now the stings are increasing and expanding across China as the PSB is on a mission to "find every last one of these criminals".

But even more alarming is that other people now motivated by money are also startng to expose the fake teachers by name and with photos and even copies of their passport as you can see here More details about the PSB Rewards Program can be found here:

Just one crooked recruiter operating 11 unlicensed TEFL recruiter companies was responsible for getting over 1,200 expat "teachers" arrested, after she herself was snagged by the police and forced to cooperate: (She uses a variety of fake names including Rebecca Tang, Rosie Tang, Ruby Tang, etc)

No child of any country deserves to be deprived or a real education by a fake, wannabe, untrained, teacher. We support the PSB and SAFEA in their hunt to eliminate and purge all the fake teachers from China.