China Foreign Teacher Union

Subject: China Foreign Teacher Union
From: cftuinsider
Date: 13 Sep 2017

I worked with the China Foreign Teacher's Union in two capacities. I was first a volunteer for over a year. I did a lot of posting for them on different websites. They would email me the link to the site and I would post what they included on their email.

I also reposted articles they wrote here on opnltter over and over again. They always seemed to go after the same people over and over again.

They claimed that they had investigated these people, but when I asked to see their information they said they had to keep it secret to protect their agents. They literally used the word 'agent' as if these were trained spies sent out to dig out the secrets of Nazi Germany by parachuting into occupied France in the dark of the night.

I asked them to see this information with the names cut out and they just ignored me. It was about then I got too busy in my real life to help the China Foreign Teacher's Union. I ignored their emails for awhile and eventually forgot about them.

That was until last year when I had trouble at work. I contacted them hoping they could help and they immediately started asking me to help out again by reposting articles, which were written exclusively by the China Foreign Teacher's Union and China Scam Patrol, on reddit.

I started helping out but I really did need help with my job. Finally, after several emails to them, I got a response. They said they couldn't do much to help me with my job, but they did have another teaching opportunity for me.

I looked it over, it seemed ok, so I agreed. I was led to understand that they weren't going to make any money off it and it was something they did to help out teachers who were in trouble with their employers. I later found out, from my new employer, that they had paid the China Foreign Teacher's Union 5000 rmb for them to find me.

Further, the China Foreign Teacher's Union had lied to my new boss by making me a fake Master's Degree in photoshop and stretching the details of my resume.

Don't believe these scam artists, they are nothing more than a bunch of frauds!

- CFTU Insider