CEO Papa John John Schwatter

Subject: CEO Papa John John Schwatter
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 8 Nov 2017

Mr. Schnatter you want to complain about your 3rd quarter sales of your pizza on the nfl protest particular (Blacks) athletes really maybe your pizza isn't as good as you &payton manning portrayed on your commercials .I don't know whether your against equal rights for all equal justice for against blacks or not personally if you are then all I have to say who cares. Your pizzas isn't as great as you promoted .I never ate your pizza from the word of others it isn't that want to tell people take responsibility for themselves a bunch of bs you only cares about your interest pizza guy!it like all you conservatives always want to lecture about responsibility dependence to be independent when it only serve your best interest particular that taking money out of your pocket people like you sucks.I want try your pizza if my life depends on it take your pizza & shove it up your kisster!