To the Boy Who’s Moving Away ❤️

Subject: To the Boy Who’s Moving Away ❤️
From: The girl who would play volleyball with you
Date: 14 Aug 2023

I know that you are leaving in a couple of weeks, but I hope that you think about me when you get to Germany. In my eyes, you are the perfect person, and the kindest guy I’ve every met. You are kind and gracious to anyone who crosses your path, and you have a smile that lights up the whole room every time it reaches your eyes. Whenever I’m with you, I wish for a chance to see you smile.
The day I have to see you go will be so challenging. Although I don’t think I deserve you, I hope that the thought of me reaches your mind as you leave. I know that you are always in my mind, day and night, time and time again. I don’t think I will ever be able to get over you because you were truly perfect in my mind. I hope that if I ever see you again you will remember me with fond memories.
I love you.