Subject: Art?
From: Randola Garcia
Date: 21 Mar 2017

I myself am an artist. I have worked in areas regarding art such as volunteering in events and being part of the art club. I have spent so many years focusing on my abilities to draw at first out of boredom then out of a hobby. Soon this became an important part of my life that it’s allowed me to become skilled in creativity and drawing. I’ve helped other peers in my school life when it came to drawing or anything regarding arts and crafts.
Art is a revolutionary thing. It is so important and significant that it has become such a big part of the human culture that it practically defines one side of our coin. See the beauty of art is that it can actually help people. Art therapy has allowed those who suffer from certain problems that people deal with.Art is something that allows the human mind to express itself in ways that can only be expressed through their own ways.
The misconception that only certain art is good is possibly the most narrow minded statement that could have ever been said. When a child makes a drawing it should not be said that it is terrible. On the contrary, one should acknowledge and promote the child's creativity, especially if the child truly enjoys it. If that child is encouraged than he learn to love it and improve nonstop. There’s a saying that every great warrior was once a defenseless child.
Art has been used as a form of art therapy in order to help those who suffer from certain problems, as well. Art therapy has been able to help and assist a significant amount of people who suffer from different disorders. These people are healing mentally and recovering by expressing themselves. So saying that someone’s paintings or drawings are terrible can deny them of any creativity.