Anyone unaware of feminism

Subject: Anyone unaware of feminism
Date: 22 Feb 2017

To: all that are unaware of Feminism
The Woman in White is a book in which the main issue is feminism, the reason I choose to read this book is because I got stuck with it for a class assignment, and at first I was worried because I assumed it would be boring but once I got a few pages in I found that it was quiet interesting and after a conference with my teacher where she showed me how the topic of this book is Feminism and after that I started seeing it in the book.
One example of Feminism in this book is the whole thought of marriage is essentially bad for the woman like Laura getting married to Sir Percival Glyde in chapter eleven, not to mention in chapter eight Mr. Gilmore is forced to sign a wedding agreement that gives all of Laura’s inheritance money to her husband in the case of her death which Laura has no say in.
The book The Woman in White was written in 1859 and just last month on January 21st was the Woman’s March that is how long feminism has been around and that the fact that it is still needed is kind of crazy I think that in the year 2017 things are still not all equal and in a national survey done by the Washington post and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 6 in 10 woman and one-third of men call themselves a feminist.
For me I personally connect to this topic in the fact that I’m a human being and thing everyone regardless of gender deserves equality.
I hope that in reading this letter you are a little more informed on the topic of Feminism and that you as well would like to see a change.