An Open Letter to Chris Huhne, Disgraced UK Member of Parliament

Subject: An Open Letter to Chris Huhne, Disgraced UK Member of Parliament
From: Walter Eric Smith
Date: 5 Feb 2013
Chris Huhne British MP Liberal Democrat Open Letter

Dear Mr Huhne

At a time when the UK public are still recovering from realising that large swathes of their politicians were wilfully and deliberately fiddling their expenses and swindling the taxpayer, your actions in lying and attempting to defy the law and pervert the course of justice, are despicable. And you have continued to lie since the incident took place over nine years ago.

You were caught speeding on a speed camera and instead of doing what ordinary common decent people would have done, accept the penalty points, pay the fine, and accept the consequences, you decided that you would be above the law. You asked Vicky Pryce, your then wife, to take speeding points for you by making out she was driving the vehicle. Your son, in June 2010, knew the truth. He texted you and said “We all know that you were driving and you put pressure on Mum. Accept it or face the consequences. You’ve told me that was the case. Or will this be another lie?”

In other texts your son threatened to go to the Police with the truth, showing that he was infinitely more honourable than you, his slimy, scheming father.

You finally resigned as the MP for Eastleigh after pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice because you knew that you would be found guilty at a trial.

It has been widely reported that in a pathetic attempt to get yourself back in your son’s good books following your extra-marital affair later in 2010, you texted: "Happy Christmas. Love you, Dad." to your son. He replied: "Well I hate you, so **** off."

You changed your plea to guilty after months and months of proclaiming your innocence and attempts to have the case against you dropped. Such arrogance and blatant dishonesty is breath-taking. Do you really believe that you are better than the rest of us? Do you realise the further damage you have done to the office of Member of the British Parliament? You are a disgrace to democracy and they should throw the book at you. Interestingly, the maximum penalty for the offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice is life imprisonment.
After you left Southwark Crown Court in London an hour later you announced your decision to step down as the Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh. I am sure the good people of Eastleigh will breathe a sigh of relief and say “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

It has now been reported that you only changed your plea to guilty after trying to get the case against you thrown out in a series of pre-trial hearings. Of course, you have been given bail and allowed to remain free until sentencing. Would that happen to a common criminal? No. It seems that even in your total and utter disgrace, the Establishment and Old Boy Network of politicians and judges remain shoulder to shoulder. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get off with some three month suspended sentence. I hope not. You have tarnished Parliament and lowered even further, the esteem with which MPs are held. All this because you didn’t want to be part of the country you are supposed to represent, and take your punishment when in the wrong.

I hope they throw away the key.



Well know and Rich People Get Off Easier When They Break the Law? I believe our criminal justice system treats rich and poor people equally, or is there a double standard depending on how much money a defendant have. If you wrong you need to take your punishment like a man and let the justice system show us the equally on this

Chris Huhne is now much maligned in UK. For obvious reasons. I think people of UK should be cautious of his moves. It's about time he realizes his mistakes