To You , the "man" I thought I loved

Subject: To You , the "man" I thought I loved
From: Sarah
Date: 9 Jan 2018

To the man who I believed in . The man in tears, that
I brought back to strength. To the boy who everyone turned his back on . To the boy that before my eyes became a man , a man for me . Someone who saw through my flaws and loved me " flawlessly "
To the man that after time , saw my flaws and decided to use them against me . Didn't you know that words hurt? Didn't you know that I loved you ? Didn't you see that I'd do anything for you? I did everything for you. I'd do anything for you. Even before that night . I always said this wasn't my first rodeo. I knew. Was I so desperate and eager to love? To find someone for me ? To prove that I don't have to be alone ? You promised all these things , a whole different ballgame. You got down on your knees and promised me. Do you remember the gold band ring ? How you said you'd never hurt me? I know I can ruin things . I told you I'm not a good person . Not a nice person . And you still promised. Nothing is your fault though. That's what you need to know . I'm not an easy person. But why? Was I right? Were you using me ? I don't think you ever loved me . I was just convenient for you. I always called it like I seen it. Call me a fool for falling for you & your bullshit plan . Karma.