My Presence In You

Subject: My Presence In You
From: Your Used To Be "Girlfriend"
Date: 26 Nov 2022

It's finally over. You now have chosen her. Things may have changed but even though you chose to walk away and forget me like I never exist, you can never fully escape me.

I will be there for you, but not in the way that I will always care nor I would reach out someday - that's not gonna happen.

You may not like the idea of it, but pieces of me will still show up to you each day.

In every places you will bring her - be it on the fancy lights, amusement park or nature themed places, you will see glimpses of me. With all those places, entirely, there are fond memories that we once shared. Remember when my eyes shine brighter than the lights first before hers?

Eventually, my presence will come out to you in the songs we used to sing. You will hear me through the melody and through the lyrics, asking why and how a perfect love goes wrong.

Out of nowhere, I will say hi to you in the form of strays, be it a dog or cat wanting to be fed or petted. They will cling to you like how I did before.

I will be there when you start photographing her on the best angle possible with the best background you can have at the moment. One, two, three and more clicks until the perfect shot, I used to ask you of that. Maybe by now, you already know how to take better photos.

I will be present in the foods you eat - pizza, fries, burger, milktea and any food with lots of cheese. Does it taste different now?

And when you send her those good morning and good night messages, those long paragraph with heart melting words - those words that have tried on me first were finally perfected when she said YES.

So how about those plans we made, will you finally make it with her now?

I know my once special place in your heart has completely taken by her and I totally understand. You may unconciously know it, but the things you do with her has something to do with our past. While your eyes can only see her now, my presence will still be with you from time to time.

And you see, a part of me still remains even after you decided to replace me. You will carry me in you like how I carry these wounds you left in my heart.

However this maybe, it still hurts to know that the idea of me will always be present in you whilst you're in the presence of someone new.