To Whoever needs this

Subject: To Whoever needs this
From: Anonymous A
Date: 23 Feb 2019

To whoever needs this,
To start this, I have to introduce myself, I am A. That’s the name that I will go by at least on here. This is to both allow the people that have hurt me to remain blissful ignorant of how much they have truly affected me, and so that I can go around without people looking at me with pity. I don’t know if anyone ever feels the same way I do but I feel that I am always the friend that everyone forgets. I am forgettable I guess, no matter how long we have been friends or how much I have done for that person they will just up and abandon me. I don’t know why, but it has made me guarded of my feelings, so much so that when I do let someone in to just hurts ten times more when they ultimately leave. I am writing this not because I want sympathy or pity from anyone. I am writing this for people who feel that have no one like me. Who are close to making a decision that would cut short a beautiful story, that deserves to continue. This is for all of the people who feel alone in this world, because trust me I understand the pain you feel. As I am writing this I feel those same feelings of just how replaceable I am.
This is for all of the boys, girls and everyone in-between out there to know that you may feel alone but you aren’t. Everyone around me thinks that I am always happy and upbeat but that is only because I do not want to burden people with what I am feeling, and I always want to uplift people. Sometimes the people you think are the happiest are actually the saddest but that okay, making people happy is one of the few joys I have in this life. Which is why it is so heart wrenching when I get dropped by people. For anyone who feels the same way I do just know that you are not alone. If you need someone I am here for you contact me at whoeverneedsthis_a on Instagram. I hope that you have the best day every. Much Love.