The WhiteHouse

Subject: The WhiteHouse
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 27 Apr 2020

This goes to the Trump whitehouse stop with corona task force briefing with Donald Trump continuing lying to the american people for the past weeks . If you going to have a briefing leave Trump out of it he no doctor with no knowledge of medicine nor he has any good ideals on how to treat this virus! He perhaps no Trump is the reason why thousands of deaths occur as where as China with his ridulous most ingorant statement using disinfectant household cleaning products if anyone who have common sense annoy Donald Trump and his idiot ideals because he not helping only hurting the american people.The best thing the whitehouse can do let the doctors Dr. Facci & Dr. Birx and others speak more on what american people to expect and come up with solution to stop the spread come up with a cure etc it would be best thing for the american people! Just leave Donald Trump out of the taskforce medical briefings just saying it would be for the better and it would saves people lives!