Veolia E.S - the cover up of... and the wrongdoing

Subject: Veolia E.S - the cover up of... and the wrongdoing
From: Przemyslaw Ratajczyk
Date: 19 Feb 2015

I'd like to inform The Public and the UK Government about the cover up of Veolia's a serious wrongdoing that including:
a) a criminal offence
b) the breach of a legal obligation
c) a danger to the health and safety of any individual
In order to avoid and to prevent further cover up of the wrongdoing in Veolia E.S, by some of the Public Bodies, I've decided to publicize this matter. The wrongdoing in Veolia, in short, is regarding: a) the cover up of a criminal activity and treat unfairly employees regarding the same act b) breach of Health and Safety legislations c) the ignoring of a racist behaviour, harassment and bulling d) there are, yet, more and more... The cover up of and the wrongdoing in Veolia could have had significant impact in the fatal incident of 6th October 2014, on Skeet Hill Lane, Orpington BR5 4QL. I'd like to stress that for me and I hope for The Public, the fact that the Company downplayed comments like - "...In the future England will look like you - black and dirty!", "...I was black and very smelly and I stunk.", "...for the black, French, c**t..." is something unacceptable . At the end, I hope that thanks to this letter my "blowing-whistle" on wrongdoing in Veolia E.S, from now, will be treated seriously by the Public Bodies, of course, if still is important the maxim - "The Justice for All". If someone is interested to see the relevant documents and find out more, please, contact with me.