U.S. Embassy ignored military vet Bruce Gorcyca jailed 485 days in China incommunicado WITHOUT CHARGES for more than a year, but brought him a toothbrush instead of the new passport he needed to go free!

Subject: U.S. Embassy ignored military vet Bruce Gorcyca jailed 485 days in China incommunicado WITHOUT CHARGES for more than a year, but brought him a toothbrush instead of the new passport he needed to go free!
From: An outraged fellow-veteran
Date: 23 Mar 2020

In a bizarre story of American veteran Bruce Gorcyca working in China 11 years as a corporate trainer and 3D artist, he was arrested on April 11, 2018 for an expired passport that the U.S. embassy refused to renew without explanation.

The police told him it was an "administrative violation" that required him to pay a $2,000 fine and spend 15 days in jail. Gorcyca complied without incident. The U.S. embassy reps were supposed to visit him within 7 days. They didn't. The U.S. embassy reps were suposed to bring him a new passport so he could go free after 15 days. They didn't.

After 21 days they finally did visit him and was told that Gorcyca was not allowed to make a telephone call, see a judge nor a lawyer, send mail, nor have visitors. The embassy rep remained mute and promised to bring Mr. Gorcyca a new passport within the week. They didn't.

But months later they brought him a toothbrush for Christmas. His mail to his Canadian wife and children, lawyers, and Member of Parliament, Ambassador, and a U.S. Federal Judge were not delivered without explanation.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, Gorcyca authored a book about $2 Billion of U.S. government corruption that the FBI seized from his Ohio home at gunpoint without warrants. This corruption involved former FBI Robert Mueller, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Joe Biden, Jeb Bush, and 87 U.S. and Canadian officials who have/had secret Panama bank accounts.

Also coincidentally, (or maybe not) In 2005 Gorcyca tried to obtain organ transplants for over 800 Iraqi children maimed in Bush's phony wars that killed over 400,000 civilian and 2,000+ kids ages 3 months to 15 years. His BBC radio interview was embarrassing to the Bush/Cheney regime.

Also coincidentally, or again, maybe not, Gorcyca communicated with Julian Assange in September of 2016 through the Ecuadorian embassy and relayed information about 9/11 provided by former presidential aide JOHN WHEELER who had been corroborating with Gorcyca and former FBI supervisor TED GUNDERSON before both men were murdered. Wheeler had obtained a 12 second video of a small black missile slamming into the Pentagon on 9/11.

On August 23, 2019, Gorcyca was released by the Chinese police and immediately kidnapped by the FBI. To wrap your head around all this, you can visit these links, and remember, THIS CAN ALSO HAPPEN TO ONE DAY if you dare to speak the truth about corruption in America!







This outrageous case exposes three of America's biggest lies...

1. Citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

2. Only other countries torture their own citizens.

3. There is Equal Justice for all in America.

So what's it like to be abandoned by your own country 485 days in a Chinese jail? Gorcyca wrote this poem that sums it up fairly well...


In a letter Gorcyca recently sent to me, he advises me that there have been more than 800 political prisoners in America over the last 20 years including Sargent Major Thomas Lovette of the U.S. Army, Chelsea Manning, Former FBI agent Vo Tran, and over a dozen pilot/smugglers employed by the CIA, and numerous whistle-blowers like Sybil Edmunds, John Kirakou, etc. He sent me to this link which I want to share with all of you...