Unrequited love

Subject: Unrequited love
From: Ana
Date: 31 Jul 2022

My dearest love,
You are my lifeline. You stole my heart a long time ago. I feel so strongly for you, a feeling I’ve never felt before. You taught me how to love and feel love in the very few moments that we shared together. Until you came along I didn’t realise how selfless I could be in love. My darling if only I could let you know how I feel… Sometimes I wonder whether the universe is against us? Or is it that you don’t feel for me the way I feel for you? In this very moment it feels like I’m swimming in a vast ocean with no land to be found. My soul is tired of waiting. I write this, thanking you for all that you have taught me and made me feel over the years. Maybe in another life I would be brave enough to tell you how I feel and perhaps have our very own fairytale ending. As of now in this lifetime I understand and I respect that she’s the one to hold your heart and not me. It hurts my love it really does. I will be alright eventually but I will always love you. My thoughts and my prayers will always be with you wherever life takes you. Goodbye for now then…