To the Tube Drivers of the London Underground Network

Subject: To the Tube Drivers of the London Underground Network
From: Joe Bilbow
Date: 11 Aug 2015

You do know that you operate one of the most important train networks In the world.

You also know that you are paid the most out of ANY profession in this country.

You are paid more then people that risk their lives to save others; more than teachers, doctors firefighters.

And we all know that this as about your selfishness to get more.

As seen here in your terms that may or my not already of been met

The TfL revised pay offer guarantees

  • Three-year offer (from April 2015) – guaranteed pay rise for each year: Average increase on basic salary of 2% for 2015, made up of 1% annual pay increase (equivalent to RPI) plus £500 consolidated flat rate increase recognising the introduction of Night Tube
  • RPI or 1% (whichever greater) pay increase for 2016 and 2017
  • £500 non-consolidated launch payment to all staff on Night Tube lines or at stations serving these lines
  • Guaranteed equivalent launch payment for future Night Tube lines
  • £500 non-consolidated payment at the successful launch of the new Fit for the Future: Stations model for station staff everybody remains entitled to two days off in seven, and annual leave entitlements are unchanged – 43 days for drivers and 52 days for station staff.

All you want is money money money.

You also get free travel when Joe Public pays up to £15 a day; some of these people don't get that back from their employer.

Now I suggest you get off your high horse. Stop holding the city to ransom and get on with it.

These strikes are like a child's tantrum: "We want more money or we will hold London to ransom! WAHHHHH WAHHHH WAHHHHH!"