My Love for Florence

Subject: My Love for Florence
From: Marley Ball
Date: 8 Mar 2019

My Love for Florence

Dear Florence,

Ever since I visited your city for a school trip, I have been entranced by its immense beauty. I was greeted with rolling hills with different colors of green, and wheat fields that remind me a lot about my temporary home in Moscow, Idaho. When I saw your seemingly-endless sunflower fields, my jaw dropped. I’ve never seen so many sunflowers in my life!

Another impressive place I visited was the Boboli Garden. Every section of the garden radiated beauty, and each one was unique in its own way. Whether I was admiring the sculptures from the 16th through 18th centuries or just meandering down a path of overlapping trees, I loved the adventure of getting lost in the garden and not knowing what to expect. I was also in awe once I saw the garden’s view, overlooking the red-roofed buildings of Florence.

And the inner city itself is gorgeous. Real cobblestone lining the streets, filled with rows and rows of colorful buildings and architecture that left me awestruck. I loved walking down the streets, past the shops smelling of real leather, and admiring the fashionable localists calmly going about their days. I bought many high-quality leather items while I visited, and will keep them forever. I also ran across some cellists during my stroll around the city, carrying cellos on their backs. I would love to be in their shoes, carrying my cello to different venues around Florence and being able to thrive from the love of music. It was very inspirational.

Not only was I impressed with the beauty of the city, but with the real history I could feel and experience, even just walking around. There were so many statues of the Roman empire and history,not to mention Michelangelo's legendary sculpture, David! (I made sure to buy a bookmark of it before I left) I also accidentally ran into Dante’s home on the walk to The Duomo! Growing up reading Dante’s Inferno and getting to make a connection between the author and his own life was a very special moment.

I am not religious, but just being in the presence of Florence’s meticulously-crafted cathedrals was a very spiritual moment for me. Especially when I saw The Duomo, towering over the rest of the city and displaying its symmetrical lines of green and orange and accompanying hand-crafted statues. After seeing this cathedral, I have developed a better appreciation for the artistry and architecture inspired by religion.

Coming from being a big foodie myself, I was extremely impressed with the food. It was true Italian food, not Americanized-Italian food. The taste of pizza crust and how the notes of the olive oil accent it makes my taste buds cry with joy. Ever restaurant I visited had its own classic and romantic feel. Eating pizza outside the main square and eating pasta in restaurants hidden within the lines of buildings is something I could only experience in Italy. And don’t even get me started on the dessert! Because of you, Florence, I am obsessed with gelato. It is so much better than ice cream! Also, I am a coffee fanatic, and I truly appreciated all of your cozy coffee shops and extraordinary coffee. It provides the perfect amount of kick, all while tasting amazing! I’ve also never seen so many different types of pastries in my life, all delicious in their own way. Although I left Florence feeling overloaded on carbs, I loved every single bite.

On my final night in Florence, I stood on a hill overlooking the whole city and their vibrant red rooftops just as the sun was setting. In that moment, I felt pure peace, happiness, and love. Your city is unlike any other, and I would die to see that view everyday.

Even though you are probably sick of all of the tourists, I appreciate your gratitude during my visit, and my experiences have led me to imagining myself walking down the streets like those cellists, sipping coffee in a café, and admiring the beauty of my city. Thank you Florence, for showing me real beauty and letting me be in the presence of a wonderful culture.


Marley Ball