From Truth To Nigeria

Subject: From Truth To Nigeria
From: Ebisan Atsemudiara
Date: 1 Feb 2015
Power To The People

Often, a man is only going to get what he thinks he deserves. Yammering is an easy task, that anyone could indulge in, but to truly act is another matter entirely. This is also applicable to the people of a nation bound in hopes of prosperity.

Greenland, no not the island in the Arctic Circle but the country in the Western Region of Africa. It will only be as good as the populace think it should be. The polls are nigh and the nation is desperate, so desperate, we might actually swap a poorly cooked meal for cow dung as long as the cow dung appears to be a delectable meal from afar. For years over, we blame the government for all the excesses and ineptitude evinced in our nation's history, but very little a time do we point the same accusative fingers at ourselves.

If the truth be told; GEJ has had plenty of shortcomings registered to his tenure, most pertinent of them being his inability to handle the prevalent insurgency in the nation. But shall we let desperation lead us to settle for worse come February the fourteenth? GEJ is culpable of insensitivity with his PR actions or lack thereof, but isn't the error of omission a less heinous crime than that of commission?

The most viable opposition to the GEJ administration is that proposed by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. Is it not overly disturbing to know that Nigerians would even conceive supporting a more ghastly evil just to get rid of an old one? This is a Republic, one which has finally wriggled free of the grasp of military dictatorship, is it not something of a comic opera to know that Nigerians would support one who has previously deprived them of their Republic status when he snatched power with no authority from the then legitimate albeit corrupt Shehu shagari run government? Buhari's name stencils the pages of history as a coup plotter and if Nigerians truly believe we deserve better, we must no longer permit our leaders to act with impunity. Buhari having been a coup plotter should feel the wrath of the people for indulging in such, by an outright snub of support for his political ambitions. To support such a man would mean to continue a distasteful trend of impunity. Many are aware of this but choose to support him, believing that his success will ensure that their pockets and coffers are eventually filled. These are the people who do not deserve nor desire a truly accomplished NIGERIA.

A mere declaration of our support to his ambitions is proof that we are laying a preset for future governments to err and rebel in impunity. Often times we look to the West as comparison for any inadequacy evinced in our governments, so again I ask would a coup plotter even be allowed by the peoples of America, Britain or France to contest an election let alone with such great odds of winning the election. I do not want to sound like a political puppet engineered to fault Buhari on all counts, so I will stick to deciphering the Mantra of CHANGE that he has paraded around... CHANGE has been the APC replete word of recent times and they do so to persuade the masses to change the incumbent government with their PVCs. Buhari and the APC do not shield themselves behind the word CHANGE as an indication of repentance of Buhari's old ways as a dictator, nor does he seek absolution. If there was ever any doubt of this; the incredulity surrounding the authenticity of his certificate is proof that he is unrepentant of his old ways as he is willing to commit the unforgivable crime of perjury before even taking office

To the patriotic Nigerian who seeks true change, I dare say that Buhari is not the change you seek. If you won't vote GEJ, I beg of you do not vote Buhari either... Be careful what you wish for so one does not turn Saturday the 14th to the day before (Friday the 13th) and leave the masses in nightmare. I am neither a PDP member nor s staffer on GEJ's pay roll, I am a Nigerian who is simply hopeful, And I've always been the first to petition GEJ whenever he stepped out of line or did something of poor taste. But if I am presented with two evils, it is always wiser to choose the lesser evil. And in this case Buhari is far from that choice. If in doubt it is even permissible to be apolitical as it would be a greater crime to facilitate the fall of NIGERIA into an abyss. In your desperation to oust GEJ, ask yourself what are the contents of Buhari's Manifesto? Do you know it in details? And remember every aspirant will always say he can fix the discrepancies of the incumbent without presenting a realistic blueprint. Whilst GEJ's shortcomings have been a result of either ignorance, ineptitude or insensitivity which are primarily errors of omission (failure to act) Buhari's was out of sheer commission ranging from murder to a conscious ridicule of the idea of freedom or freedom of speech. Today we have every Nigerian having a good laugh from doing an impression of the first lady whilst saying "There Is God Ooh", same freedom of speech you'd have been deprived of under Buahri's first taste of power... God Bless You and God Bless NIGERIA.