Trump Administration

Subject: Trump Administration
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 28 Sep 2019

The Trump administration are pieces of sh*t for taking away reduce lunches from kids particular who are living in poverty just to tax breaks wall funding etc! it's one thing to elimate food assistances from adults who by the is actually working for those benefits but, to take it on kids it's disgusting down right cruelty !we are talking about five to seven years old who need nutrition to get through academics as well of living. the long run if the Trump administration take away lunches from kids it could hurt them a lot without the nutrients to able perform on their classwork it would hurt their performance perhaps even emotionally as well physically .I course I'm not surprise coming from the Trump Administration Donald Trump & Scumbags piece of sh*t wealthy donors only care putting more money into their pockets doesn't care about the average americans citizens. you have the congress particular the republicans are willing to turn away in what The Trump Administration is doing to millions of kids that need nutrition. I can't say this enough your're hurting kids just because of cruelty and greed .you're going to regret this comes 2020 if you're not impeached by the end of 2019!