A third party candidate CAN win

Subject: A third party candidate CAN win
From: Debra Null
Date: 18 Sep 2016

On Tuesday November 1st we go to the polls to vote for our next president.
I am so tired of hearing that a third party candidate can't win. And way too many people this country feel that way, and also seem to think that no third party candidate has ever won.
Either the history now taught in school is sadly lacking, people have forgotten what they were taught in history, or both. No matter which one it is, the fact of the matter is that once upon a time we did have a third party candidate who was not only on the ballot, but also won! All the votes that went to the third party candidate was NOT a vote for either candidate in the other two major parties of the day.
Way back in the 1800's, two parties dominated politics. At the time of election in question the two major parties were the Democrats and the Whigs. They were by no means the only parties but they were the two major ones at the time of that particular election.
Also at one time in United States history, the Democratic party was known as the Democratic-Republicans. There were issues that caused the party to break up and finally become the two separate major parties we have had since then. Some say the issue that caused the break had to do with slavery. I can't say for sure because I wasn't there.
What I do know is that when the break up happened, the Republicans became a then fledgling party and they ran a candidate on the ballot that no one thought would win, but he did.
That candidate was Abraham Lincoln.
So if you think a vote for someone other that Trump or Hilary is a vote for one or the other think again.
If you think a third party candidate can't win...remember Abraham Lincoln!!!!

As a reminder at the end of July I wrote the following:

" OK enough is enough. I am sick and tired of hearing that a vote for anyone other than Hillary or Trump is a vote for Hilary. Well that's just so much bullshit!!
There will be other choices on the ballot that would be just as capable, if not better than Hillary or Trump and if you don't like those choices you are certainly free to do a write in vote.
I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, as if the Democratic and Republican parties were our only choices. I don't know about anyone else but im not willing to be a sheep lead to slaughter come election time.
So, if you don't care for the fact that I choose to make a choice other than Hilary or Trump then just shut up about it and vote how you choose and stop trying to fob your choice off on me, by saying a vote for so and so is a vote for Hillary.
This isn't directed at any one person, this is just a general thing. If you have the guts to try to make a real difference and you are tired of politics as usual and neither Hilary nor Trump is the choice you want to make come November, look at the ballot and see what other choices you have, or do a write in vote.


It happened once and it can happen again.