Suicide Letter of a Broken Heart

Subject: Suicide Letter of a Broken Heart
From: Self.
Date: 15 Jun 2017
Suicide Letter from a Broken Heart

Dear Self,

I’ll never let you see a tear fall from my eyes. There will be a complete blank stare with some blood shot cries. It was all downhill so I slammed on my brakes; I never knew that the slow cruise would reveal so many snakes. I thought for sure it was so easy this way, At least uphill you know the ones around you are earning their stay. I’m not writing this to try to bribe you and make you stay, more or less to convince you to go away. God knows I never wanted to have to beg this way.
So you did what you wanted, everything was about you; it turned your life so grey. How long did you think you could hide behind those knock off shades? What or who are you pretending to be anyways? Now you leave me with the confusion of this mess of a life we have made. Honestly I just don’t want to hurt anymore, but I hurt so bad that I had to crawl mentally out that front door. Seemed that all we did was argue and fuss, I looked in the mirror and cried that I can’t believe you gave up on us.
Dear me, I’m writing you this letter because you created me to speak, but your greatest gift to the world is they know you by something other than defeat. It was great while it lasted, and pain made some long strides, but his only real accomplishment is he gave you a place to hide. So if you accept my apology for the fools we have encountered, I’ll accept yours for running like such a coward. We can be great together, without you so far in the background, I think that me, myself and I all deserve a chance at turning this life around.


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