To The Strongest Person I Know

Subject: To The Strongest Person I Know
Date: 13 Aug 2019

Life is not easy, we all know that. Life isn't ever supposed to be easy. There are endless quotes about how life would be meaningless if it were perfect, and that strength is built from the hardships. However, everyone is treated differently. Some are born lucky, some are not. Some have to fight for everything their worth just to get through the day. You're no exception to that.

I still have so much I have yet to learn about you, so many fights that I'm not even aware you've fought. Maybe there's some I don't even know you're fighting now. All I know is that you've done more fighting than anyone should ever have to do. It's been one thing after another as it all continues to pile up. I've seen it all break you before, and that breaks me.

I check on you every chance I get, and ask about your day. I spend a lot of time finding ways to take even just a little weight off of your shoulders. I don't feel nearly as helpful as I want to be, but I know I've made an impact. I've told you before that I do this because I care and I want things to slow down for you too. It's not because I want you to stop anything you feel like you're doing wrong. It's okay to complain. It's okay to be sad, or angry. It doesn't take away from who you are deep down, and who I see when you come to work.

I know it bothers you that you can't do as much as you once could. I know you hate it when people ask you if you're okay all the time. I know you hate feeling weak, and I hope you know none of that translates to you actually being weak. People are gonna worry about you for as long as the pain you feel exists. I can't speak for everyone, but when I say to take it easy and when I ask how you're holding up, it's not a reflection on what I think you can handle. I know it takes something special to keep moving forward the way that you do.

You're without a shadow of a doubt the strongest person I know, but that's why I worry. We live in a world where the greatest, and strongest things become the targets of destruction. We live in a world where the World Trade Center has fallen, and where the Titanic sank on it's first voyage. Nothing is indestructible, and that's why I worry.

I want things to slow down for you. I feel like it's been forever since I've gotten to talk to you when you haven't been distracted, or emotional. It doesn't upset me or make me angry anymore, but it still hurts. I hope you know by now I'd do anything I possibly could to help. I'll sound like a broken record telling you that over and over again, and I don't care. That's one thing I'll make sure you'll never ever forget.

You're not a bad friend. You're not weak. You're doing great. I care about you so much and it would kill me to see this truly get the better of you. So continue kicking life's ass, and I hope you'll let me continue to help fix you up so you can get back out there and finish the fight. There's gonna be an end to all this, you're gonna find it. Believe that.