Someone Please Help Me

Subject: Someone Please Help Me
From: EL Afan- ador
Date: 5 Jun 2015

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Subject: Please help my pregnant 31 yr. old
From: EL Afan- ador
Date: 5 Jun 2015

This is for Angelina JoIie-Pitt
Hello, I feel like I am dying. My 31 year old daughter is pregnant, not seen an obstetrician, not eating, panhandling, jumped bail recently on a paraphanelia warrant, sleeps on the floor as a squatter in some FEMA trailer in the middle of nowhere, is surrounded by addicts who share or squat there too, does not drive and is stuck 1800 miles away from me in North Dakota.
I have her 18 month old toddler since January and flew back to Tampa with him the following day, will be 60 in October and live on SS Disability.
I want to save her and give her unborn a chance to live but I can't. I don't have the funds. All I get is $644 a month.
Please, you are altruistic and perhaps have been where she is now.
Could you please help me get her out of the middle of nowhere and to a treatment facility? She is hungry, tired, emotional and stuck and I must stay cheerful and positive for my only grandson.
I live in a room with him and my 84 and 87 yr. old parents and suffer that I will someday soon receive a call that her body was found in some ditch. I don't understand how this has gotten to be such a nightmare.
As you can see in the photo, my family all put money together so I could go out to North Dakota. I stayed for almost a month and everything was great.
They lived modestly but were well and joyful with so many dream.
I have lost over 30 pounds, weigh a size 3 in jeans and a small in tops since all this. I use to be an 8/ medium.
I swear I think this is killing me.
Someone please tell me what to do.