Social Issues

Subject: Social Issues
Date: 6 Mar 2019

Racism is a huge part of today’s society. People are being profile just on their race. Growing up, being told to lower my voice and to follow the crowd was a norm for me. I was told to not speak up because of my race. There were multiple times where I was racially profile and I couldn’t seem to understand. Why am I being treated less just because of my skin color? This is a huge example of what minority face every single day. They are being told that they are less than other because of their race. This prove to us that we need to do more.

The Help, a novel written by Kathryn Stockett shows the racism between white and black; and how people were being treat during segregation and the negative outlook on them. These treatments which are still present in today society proves that there need to be a change in world. In 2018 unemployment rates of Black Americans are nearly double the amount of white. Studies have shown that people with a stereotypical white name will likely get hire then a person with a non-white name. This prove that racial prejudices are still present. In The Help, it shows rich white ladies and blacks as the help. Even though society today aren’t exactly like that, it still shows some aspects of the novel. “School segregation remains fairly common” ( which mean segregation is still happening today. 64% of schools are either majority white or majority black. Some might be subtler today, but it is still happening. Our society today unconsciously divide people base on their race or color. America are made of mostly minority; and yet they are treated less than whites. This is more reasons to why we need to do more to reduce the rates of racism.

There are many reasons on why more need to be done to reduce the rate of racism, but others disagree. While there are many reasons that prove to us why we need to do more, there are people who says that we are doing enough. People might say that there’s nothing more that we can do and that we are doing the most. If we are doing the most, why aren’t we getting the results. Why are these things still happening? Minorities are treated less than whites. If we are doing enough, why aren’t people at the same level? All these reasons just prove that we need to take more action. With more work and action, we could change society.” Black people are more than twice as likely to live in poverty” and “66 percent of black kids grew up in high to medium poverty” are the results of not taking enough action. This is why we need more action, more involvement.

If we increase our involvement these rates might lower. We need to do something. It could be involving that girl sitting alone or standing up for someone who’s being attack. No matter what, we need to take action. With enough effort, we can lower these rates and change society’s views.
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