The Smear Job Against Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca - And The Truth About Stephen Harper's $43 Million Fraud Cover Up...

Subject: The Smear Job Against Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca - And The Truth About Stephen Harper's $43 Million Fraud Cover Up...
From: Netizens Against Cyber Bullies
Date: 15 Oct 2015

In recent days there has been talk online about why Canada's PM Stephen Harper allowed the U.S. Government (U.S. Department of Justice) to swindle $43 million from Canadian investors when he was advised and warned 4 years before the money supposedly "disappeared" by whistle blower Gorcyca. See If you are not familiar with the underlying story go here for a quick summary: This is the mainstream media version of what happened: As you can see, some minor details were left out. Gorcyca worked two years inside American Financial Group - the Frankenstein laundromat that washed millions of dollars every month on Wall Street that were then liquidated at Levesque and Nesbitt Burns in Canada.

Victims like Louis Sapi, Brian McWilliams, and David Lewis who wrongly lost their $43 million along with their reputations, never realized that the President of AFG was a 20+ year veteran executive of the U.S. Justice Department married to the personal secretary, banker, and translator of General Manuel Noriega (Teresita Tapia Chism - Google her). If Harper replied to Gorcyca's letter, they would have recovered their millions which were not "missing" at all but kept safely off-shore and later split three ways between EC, DS, and JB. See:

Some people think Harper was either blackmailed or graymailed by the NSA puppet masters which collected dirt on 35 world leaders according to Edward Snowden; Other people believe that Harper was simply given some generous campaign contributions from the GOP to simply "look the other way".

But what he was ignoring were three large crimes, not just the $43 million fraud. Harper also ignore a $1B drug ring operation taking place on native aboriginal lands, and he refused to acknowledge that Uncle Sam tortures both American and Canadian citizens jailed in America when it suits their needs for information - not necessarily related to terrorism as you can read here:

So now that these things are beginning to surface, the government's dirty tricks squad was called into action. Not only are they deleting factual posts about Harper's role in authorizing a fake extradition, but they are smearing the man anonymously with false accusations.

The smearing includes allegations that Gorcyca is a wanted pedophile in Canada (100% False), that he has a long criminal history (100% False) and that he is convicted of many scams (100% False). Please see the infographic above and the below links which include scans of real court files and sworn statements of witnesses who are not afraid to sign their names under oath:

Now you know the truth. And hopefully you realize that Gorcyca needs your help and support to reunite with his family in Canada. He has been fighting Goliath for three decades and does not want to die an old man in China while Walls Street criminals continue to drive the bus in America and their friends in Washington flood the world with drugs, and foment war to keep citizens in fear so they remain passive and obedient.