senate impeachment trial

Subject: senate impeachment trial
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 5 Jan 2020

I'm speaking for myself that you senators need to do your duties elected by the people to do your job as jury to hear the case presented by the House of representatives of the impeachment trial case of Donald Trump. forget about party you're representing your duties is to follow the constitution of the law hear the facts from witnesses make a fair & honorable decision you owe that to the American people that elected you in office. especially you republicans you need to do your job as swore elected officials do a honest job of hearing the case that is presented to you. let be honest Donald Trump doesn't care about anyone except Donald Trump. He would rather for you guys to annoy what perhaps he did wrong clear him of all charges if you annoy the facts I promise you will hear it from voters in November 2020 just saying. You owe it to your voters as well to your duties to do your job American people is counting on it that the impeachment case is called fair & square