Saying Goodbye

Subject: Saying Goodbye
From: One of many girls
Date: 10 Jan 2021
One of many

It’s weird saying goodbye to someone I haven’t spoken to in almost 2 years, but that’s what’s this is. It’s me not checking up on your Instagram, not spying through Facebook and finally giving up on any hope for you.

I’m just one of many girls - since me I think there’s been about seven or eight, which makes the year or so we were on and then off again and again, seem like something of a dating record for you. Though it was never dating. I was never someone you admitted to being with. Why was that? The insecure part of me feels that you were ashamed of me, I was like scraping the bottom of the barrel for you in some way. What would people say or think - the consequences could’ve been bad.

Thing is - I didn’t care. It was just refreshing to have someone see me as more than a convenience or a mum. The poisonous relationship I came from left me more fragile that you knew - or probably cared.

You’ve more than likely not looked me up ever. Just another girl to boast about - to use to make others feel worthless.

I’m sad that you’ll never find that someone, that person to take care of you when your sick, or pick you up from a night out and make sure your ok. The one to have deep conversations with about beliefs and what the future holds.

Still - who needs that when there’s a seemingly endless supply of women through tinder and Snapchat.

I wish you nothing but the best. But just remember - if you sleep with all your clients you’ll have no one left to photograph.