Save the Animals, Help India in it's Campaign on "Save the Tiger"

Subject: Save the Animals, Help India in it's Campaign on "Save the Tiger"
From: Akshay Nagar
Date: 9 Feb 2014

Open Letter to the Copenhagen Zoo Authorities.

Respected Concerned Person,

According to the following article published in Daily mail , uk,, you have killed a giraffe and fed him to the lions.
Much to my amazement and shock, how you did this despite protests from Animal rights groups, I can only request you not to repeat such acts of inhuman character, and donate these to other zoos.

The article also states that you have previously killed tigers.
We in India regard tiger as our national Animal, and have huge amounts of money, effort and time going into campaigns for saving Tigers. Unfortunately for us Tiger skin is in great Demand and poaching in Jungles is a huge black market business, we have been successful in reducing it and tiger populations have relatively increase. There is much that needs to be done.

When a zoo in a country like Denmark, kills tigers, it is very discouraging and depressing to hear.

I would like to whole heartedly request you to donate all the tigers to me instead of killing them, I will personally bear all the cost of transferring them from Denmark to India, and pay you twice the sum of the costs involved in doing so. I would then donate them to Zoos in states of Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh in India, where I assure you they will not be shot or killed.

Requesting you to show more passion and love towards animals.Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanking you,
Akshay Nagar