Russia (and Not Only) is a Fascist Country

Subject: Russia (and Not Only) is a Fascist Country
From: Victor Porton
Date: 29 Jan 2020

Modern Russia is a fascist country.
In modern Russian society there are at least two “big” fascisms: “We do not need geniuses” and anti-sectarianism. And about the third fascism at the end of the speech.
It’s best to explain with an example: I will tell you my personal story.
I was a young talented first-year student in the Faculty of Mathematics. I tried to come up with algebraic formulas of a mathematical theory called a general topology.
In the meantime, I decided that I should call myself a sectarian, because the word sectarian in the sense of the ancient Greek root is close to the word “holy”, which refers primarily to Christ. And I called myself a religious fanatic, because the word fanatic is close in meaning to the word zealot, which also refers to Christ. And Jesus said: “He who is ashamed of Me and my words in front of people, I will be ashamed of the Father and the angels.” Therefore, instead of “hello,” I began to say: “I am a sectarian and a religious fanatic.”
Nobody wanted to talk to me, my mother beat me on the head with a frying pan several times and drove me out of the house (ignoring the fact that I owned a share of the apartment) for sectarianism. I tried to ask people for food, but instead of “good people help”, as it’s customary in Russia, I began to say “evil people, scum, help.” That people are good is a heresy. Therefore, no one wanted to talk to me. No talk - no way to get food. As a result, I ended up without food, I began to eat grass and drink from a puddle and wait for death from hunger.
Meanwhile, starving in the street, I finally understood the formula of algebraic general topology.
That is, I made a scientific discovery that way for a trillion dollars and was going to take it to the grave: Like, the world is not worthy for such a holy sectarian to tell them about this formula.
So, I discovered a new formula, but I decided to tell only the truth. I had to say that I am a genius. Everyone knows that people say "we don't need geniuses." Replace “geniuses” in this phrase with “Jews”. It turns to "we do not need Jews." Since Jew... geniuses are not needed, then geniuses can not be hired, can be beaten, stolen from. Since they are not needed, then definitely it is allowable. Jews can be starved by the fascists, which means geniuses can, too.
Understanding that with this formula I am not survivable, I wanted to hit myself on the head with something to stop being a genius and not starve to death.
Only one thing stopped me: a quote from the Bible, "No one seduce himself." If that is, I hit myself on the head, then I seduce myself, and I decided not to.
If you say “we don’t need geniuses” (or as a variant “dull guys” or like this), then you are going to go to hell because Jesus is smarter than you, which means you said that you do not need Jesus.
This is how the Jews live in this fascist country. Modern fascism in its purest form. Protest: I do not want to be an ugly member of fascist society.
I filed a lawsuit to a Russian court for a compensation against this “fascist” treatment, but the fascist judge Solopova Olga Nikolajevna just don’t reply to lawsuits. I remember a joke: A user received a email after email but there was no reply because a cat sit before the keyboard. This is Pavlov dog: If she hears the word “sectarian” then she has a saliva flow. I recommend Putin to kill himself after assigning such a judge. (This would be actually good because he works for global warming.)
And why sectarians live in our country like this: will you tell the truth - they will hit you in the head - will you talk nonsense or will you lose your mind from hunger? This is because in the nineties every day on TV they said that sectarians are bad. The brains of the listeners went wild. For example, a person may go crazy with unbearable pain. The Russians go crazy from unbearable contempt for sectarians - I heard the word "sectarian" - and immediately goes crazy. Russians need to get rid of despising.
And so it is a struggle against sectarians in Russia: sects are hated because sectarians live badly because excluded from society; and sectarians are excluded from society because they are fighting sects. The vicious circle: they fight because they live poorly; they live poorly because they fight.
By the way, there is something in common between geniuses and sectarians: those who think differently than most. Russia is a crazy mainstream country. Crazy mainstream. Consider that there is almost no Extinction Rebellion in Russia. Russian propaganda says it’s like a religious sect. Certainly, a Jewish sect in Germany!
And here is the third kind of fascism:
When you go to hell and ask God for what. You probably explain what you are a fascist. And why? Who are you moron voting for? For those who introduced duties on everything. A person loses a passport: he cannot get a passport because there is no money, he cannot get money without a passport. Because of the crazy MPs you voted for, he became a slave or starved to death. And which is simpler: assign a fee for issuing a passport zero rubles. Are you greedy, fascist moron? You are a slave, you want to pay duties. Down with the duty! Zero and dot.
Still it is necessary to abolish the fees for registration and liquidation of business and NPOs, defense of a case in court, patenting of inventions, etc. Join my party “No barriers”.