Rand Paul 5/12/19 – ABC Sunday morning

Subject: Rand Paul 5/12/19 – ABC Sunday morning
From: HSL
Date: 13 May 2019

I heard you on ABC referencing the American people as being against investigating the president. I am, at 87, still a part of the American people. I think Trump is a criminal, a traitor, and a sexual pervert who has skated on abusing a 13-year-old. I think he is classically unfit to manage anything but a hot dog cart, and he would probably screw that up too. Or do you defend him because you too are a racist and an abuser of women? Do you also think destroying immigrant families is the way to go? Are you so delusional about his financial “genius” that you believe him when he lies about his successes and says it was using existing tax law that was the reason for a billion in losses over a period of ten years? Do you think hiring small contractors who do not have the resources to sue, and who go out of business when you stiff them, is a noble thing?

You are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to use your legislative role to screw up our democracy with your toxic wish list.

My dream for Trump: he is ill and penniless and needs to apply for Medicaid. That is what happened to Ayn Rand. He is already exhibiting signs of Alzheimers and I am an expert, having cared for my own loved one through this terrifying illness. I'd feel sorry for him as he trods down this path, if he weren't such an evil misfit. I'd be more specific but I'm trying to keep this clean.