Subject: Racism
From: Gabriella
Date: 6 Mar 2019

Racism is a social issue that has affected the United States in the time the book takes place (in the 1930s) and in today time. In to Kill a Mockingbird the character that suffers from racism is Tom Robinson that is on trial for a false accusation that he raped Mayella Ewell. He is a target because of his race in the segregated south. He even has evidence showing that he was not guilty, but the justice system went against him this shows that the criminal justice system is unfair.

I am against racism. In today time defendants of color skin often receive harder sentences for the same crimes white people commit, and as you can see the criminal justice system is not always fair to people who are of color. A majority of Americans say 64 percent said racism remains a major problem in society according to the latest NBA news poll.

Racism is wrong because people should be treated equally just because they have a different color skin does not mean that they should not be treated equally. Four in 10-African Americans say they have been treated unfairly in a store or restaurant because of their race in the last month, compared to a quarter of Hispanics and only 7 percent white people according to NBA news poll. People should not be miss treating people when we are all equal. The shooting death of Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American teenager, by a white police officer led to civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and outrage nationwide according to apa.org. These problems need to have a call to action because this causes for people to act out.

Racism is a big social problem that is happening in America today that needs to end. Just because people are of different skin color that does not make them different from another human being. We are all made the same way, and therefore are just as equal and valuable as the next person no matter what race they are. The United States needs to take bigger steps to change racism and make a clear that we are equal.