To the Person That Ghosted After Breaking My Heart

Subject: To the Person That Ghosted After Breaking My Heart
From: The Haunted
Date: 26 Feb 2019

Dear Ex,

You broke my heart. Not only did you break it, you shattered it. Now I am left with all of the pieces that don't quite fit back together correctly. My heart was already cracked and broken in several places. When I met you I thought that your love was the glue to help mend what was broken. Instead, you held the weapon to destroy it once and for all.

You told me every day that you loved me. I love you so much, you said. Then the minute that there was a true conflict that arose, you chose to walk away. I was always there for you. When you needed me during your hard times, I was there. You told me that my sadness was too much for you. When I needed you, and you knew I did, you left. True love does not evaporate when there is an issue in the relationship. Was there someone else? If there was, I know that's about you and not about me. Your need for validation runs deeper than skin, and for that I'm sorry. I provided as much as I could, but I loved you for more than your looks and your career. I loved you for you. (Or for the part of you that you allowed me to meet.) Can they say the same?

Every day that you don't contact me, after I reached out to you, makes me feel a bit less visible in the world. I poured my heart out, I apologized for my part and you chose to not say a word. Ghosting someone is cowardly, not strong. It invalidates the entire experience one had with one another. It's called ghosting because it haunts the psyche. Leaving you to wonder if the relationship you just experienced was even real or if you made it all up in your mind?

Do I miss you or do I miss the fantasy of us? Of what would or could have been? The fairy tale that I was promised as a child never seems to come true. What I do know is that it feels as if I miss you. I compare everyone I see to you and no one measures up. But you broke my heart and provided me with never-ending pain.. and for that I yearn for your return? Love must truly blind the eye of the beholder and cast a spell upon the heart that beats.

I believed you. I believed in our love. I want you back. Shame on me.