PayPal Profiting From Fraudulent Activity - Shame On You!

Subject: PayPal Profiting From Fraudulent Activity - Shame On You!
From: On Behalf of 100+ Scammed Customers
Date: 1 Dec 2019
PayPal Profiting From Fraud

I am writing on behalf of over 100 individuals who have fallen victim to a scam PayPal company. Despite all of these people raising the issue to PayPal (from around 15/11) and proving beyond doubt that this is fraudulent activity, PayPal are refusing to refund people their money.

We will only get part of our money returned, if the received product (not what we have ordered) is sent by tracked mail to the return address on file. The return address was written in Chinese, and when run through an online translator, is for a completely different company - which is therefore also part of the scam.

Despite pointing this out, PayPal are still adamant that no one will be paid until paying extra money, to ship the unwanted item to a fake address.

Even though PayPal are aware that the account is obtaining money by deception, they haven't frozen the account and are still getting their cut of the fees for every fraudulent transaction made.

PayPal shame on you for being complicit to this crime - shame on you.

Ref - fraudulent reports made: