Part 2 Of Open Letter To Donald Trump About Jeb Bush's Drug Dealer Connections

Subject: Part 2 Of Open Letter To Donald Trump About Jeb Bush's Drug Dealer Connections
From: A former insider...
Date: 16 Dec 2015

Dearest Donald,

Since my last open letter to you received no response, let me be more direct. The Bush family has been up to their ears in drug smuggling since the days of Oliver North getting snitched out by the drug runners employed by Bush's CIA machinery that were betrayed when pilot Eugene Hasenfus fell out of the sky over Nicaragua carrying drugs and arms for the Contras. Long after John Kerry's Senate investigation ended, the drugs kept flowing - only they changed their smuggling route and started landing their loads in Canada.

Former employees of American Financial Group of Aventura, Florida started with seed capital of General Noriega (who by the way was praised by former DEA Director John Lawn for helping the U.S. reduce the cocaine flow to America by 50% and assisted with the arrest of Ramon Milian Rodriguez - the accountant for the Colombian cartels) know that moneys they were laundering were in part funding Jeb Bush's campaign to become the Governor of Florida.

Donald, if you really want to clean up the corruption just install Elliott Spitzer as your AG and Daniel Hopsicker as the head of the FBI and just watch the federal prisons fill up with Bush bankster cronies on Wall Street. Don't know where to start? Just ask the FBI to give back the book manuscripts stolen from a former American Financial Group employee named Bruce without a warrant at gunpoint and read. You will learn how corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson (personal friends of the Bush family) was actually caught and arrested in Canada with a load of drugs and how some generous campaign contributions made the mess go away. You will also learn how honest DEA agents knew about these unusual arrangements for years and were hindered and obstructed every time they tried to make arrests.

Former CIA operative Chip Tatum admitted meeting Nelson for the first time at the Bush family home in Florida. He also confirmed the drug running machine of the Bush family. Everyone who did so was rounded up and discredited with fake or trumped-up criminal charges so they would not be believed.

Do you think it was just a coincidence that AFG President Edward Myles Chism worked more than 20 years for the U.S. Justice Department in Panama or that his wife (Teresita Tapia Chism) was the personal secretary, banker, and translator for General Noriega? Do you also think it was a coincidence that Bruce was forced to live in exile in China where the U.S. embassy refused to give him a new passport and put him on the no fly list so he could not come to America nor Canada to testify? Do you also think it was coincidence that AFG had their office in City National Bank building (Suite 601) - the bank owned by Jeb Bush's buddy Alberto Duque who was also locked away as soon as people started investigating their lucrative friendship? Is it also just coincidence that after Jeb spends more than a year working in Venezuela for the CIA that plans are hatched in AFG offices to buy off or assassinate a young army colonel named Hugo Chavez who was just released from a Venezuela prison?

Seriously Donald, do you really want to let a criminal like Jeb Bush with all of his dirty laundry set foot in the White House? If not, then please show us your true colors as a man of integrity and force Jeb to discuss all of the above relationships at the next Presidential debate. Oh, and be sure to ask him about the $3 million bribe that Canadian Mike Huxtable was asked to give to former PM Steven Harper by Nelson's partner Atty. Stephen Finta in 2010.

If you squeeze the truth out of Jeb Bush on national television, you will deserve to face off against Hillary who has so little credibility, you would win by a landslide vote. But first, please show us you are serious about exposing corruption. I just showed you where to start and more than 50 honest DEA and FBI agents will leak information to you if you make a real effort to shut down the drug money laundromats on Wall Street and the Bush sponsors who keep putting their quarters in the washing machines.

Thank You,

An American Military Veteran

P.S. If you want to score extra points with American voters, please publicly pledge amnesty for whistle-blowers Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden who did their patriotic duty to expose government crimes, something every red-blooded American should start doing. For those of you who missed Part 1, please see