An open letter to the woman who died before anyone could thank her.

Subject: An open letter to the woman who died before anyone could thank her.
Date: 20 Sep 2018

I've written to you 100 times. With every letter I write I think it will get easier and it doesn't. 6 years have passed and throughout these years I've had a chance to see things from not only my grieving perspective, but that of everyone else who loved you in the way I did, too.

I've said a lot of "I miss you" and only god knows how many times I've begged for you back. But after 6 years, I've come to terms with the fact that no matter how much we love you, you deserve so much better than here - and it would be so selfish for us to bring you back to a world where you just couldn't be happy. So from here on I want to make sure that people remember you in the way you deserve to be remembered, and too learn from you all that I was lucky enough too. So this letter is your lessons that you accidentally taught me, and I hope to learn to live by them always.

1. Not everyone is going to like you. And quite frankly that's okay. If nobody dislikes you, you never stood up for what you believed in.

2. Doing good things for others is important, of course. But what isn't important is recognition for doing so. If you can't do a good thing without the world having to know you did it, it doesn't count quite the same.

3. Bad things happen to good people. Just because times are tough, doesn't mean it's your fault, I have to remind myself of this sometimes.