open letter to Trump supporters

Subject: open letter to Trump supporters
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 24 Apr 2020

You Trump supporters are some real dumb a** ingorant people that ever supported one individual who done nothing for you to make lives better for you all except himself! You out their protesting about a ruling of your governors made in which you have the right too but, in this instant the ruling that governors made in your respected states was in the best interest for not only you trump supporters but the entire american people in which it can saves lives! This virus isn't a hoax it have killed over fifty- thousands people perhaps more by the end of the week and you out protesting not social distance from each other dangering youselves blocking emt ent

for doing their jobs in saving lives that been affected by the virus! I know you want your lives back as far going back to work sporting events etc but, would be wise to follow the social distances provided by your governors for your well beings! Let be honest Donald Trump doesn't give a damn about your well being if he did then he wouldn't be supporting this protest on harassing governors &politicans on refusing to follow the guidelines that his administration put out as well the governors to break the guidelines requirments . Donald Trump only cares about his pocketbook wall street stock market nobody else that include you Trump supporters! You supporters out their harassing politicans of a policy that your governors presented that can help saves lives pleasing Donald Trump knowing at the end of day Trump doesn't care if you well or sick dangering others just to have you supporters to back to work make himself and his rich wallsyreet budfies rich !