open letter to representative congressman Jody Hice Georgia

Subject: open letter to representative congressman Jody Hice Georgia
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 22 Dec 2020

Congressmen Hice do yourself a favor just shut the F*** up about making a case for Donald Trump getting a second term. You have no case regarding voter fraud because perhaps their is none voter fraud if so it would have been reported . You and congressmen Jim Jordan and Matt Gaezt as well a hundred of republican house representatives is just sore losers that your president loss fair and square people come out to vote .your next move is to suggest to Trump to use the military physical force to stay in power that probably the only way he can stay in power hopefully the military want to along with this just for one man Donald Trump. Donald Trump loss you guys know that he loss to Joe Biden and yet you're going along with this nonsense about voter fraud using the military for intimidation etc all because Donald Trump can't stand he loss fair &square and you Republicans in the house didn't like the outcome too bad . Hice do Trump has some damaging info on you as well your republican colleague s in the house or you're just doing this out of spite just because you Republicans don't like the process that more people particular minorities came out to vote ? If that the case then I say it a good thing that more people like myself as well others came out presented their voices in the presidential race that's. good not a bad thing . January 6, 2021 you and your colleagues is disputing a case for Trump to remain in office when he loss fair &square plus as commander of chief he doesn't deserve to be reelected when he didn't earn the votes in the four states he is contesting second Trump neglecting his duties as president when thousands of coronvirus cases deaths economy people in food lines across the country begging for food f*** Donald Trump and F*** you congressmen Hice as well your Republicans congress in the house &senate f*** you all for neglecting your duties in Washington in helping the American people during this health & economic crisis Trump doesn't deserve to be in office nor he earn the right for a second term !