Open Letter To Queen Elizabeth About Canada Prime Minister Steven Harper's Secrets

Subject: Open Letter To Queen Elizabeth About Canada Prime Minister Steven Harper's Secrets
From: Bruce Gorcyca - Victim of Steven's Many Secrets
Date: 15 Sep 2015

Your Majesty,

I first wish to congratulate you on your milestone record reign over England. May your good health continue. But I wish to bring something to your attention - an issue of integrity within the rule of Canada. Specifically, PM Harper promised transparency when he was last elected but a nine year old secret is still be hidden from Canadians who were swindled by the U.S. Justice Department for $43 million by a cut-out company called American Financial Group. I know the inside story because I worked there for 2 years and was the guy who reported them to the FBI in 1996. Again I repeat the date - 1996. Now this story was published in the Toronto Star in 2001...

What you don't read in this Toronto Star article is that an honest FBI agent named Maury Berthon wanted to shut this company down in 1996, but the U.S. Department of Justice had other plans and had the case transferred to Washington and Maury transferred to New Orleans from Miami. What is wrong with this picture your Majesty? The U.S. Justice Department knowingly and willfully allowed Canadian investors to be cheated for 4 years longer just to help conceal the money laundering. Isn't this just a bit hypocritical and illegal your Majesty?

Well you see it has to do with your friend George H. Bush and his son Jeb and quite a few million dollars of drug monies being laundered on Wall Street through little disposable cut out companies like AFG who used Nesbitt Burns and Levesque in Canada to liquidate the washed funds. Elections in both America and Canada are quite costly these days, and since this drug money has been thoroughly washed, there is no point in letting it go to waste eh?

How much drugs and money? Over $1Billion that I know of including the $16 million in cash dropped off at AFG by Atty. Stephen J. Finta who was partners with the corrupt FBI Agent Terry Nelson for over 10 years. That's right the same Terry Nelson who was caught with a plane load of cocaine in Regina in 1997 your majesty. Yes, indeed he was arrested by the honest mounties in your service but here's where things get sour your majesty. Terry smuggled over $100 million of cocaine a year (wholesale value) into Canada for years, and the Regina Magistrate released him on such small bail that Terry just went back to his mansion on Key Biscayne, Florida and never showed up for court!

Instead of seeking his extradition, the case file was quietly sealed and George Bush expressed his "deepest gratitude" to Ottawa.

I wrote this here letter to PM Harper in 2006 since I was in a position to help Louis Sapi, David Lewis, Brian McWilliams, and Mr. Epstein get their $43 million back. That money was never missing at all your majesty, and Jeb Bush had plenty of campaign money available to run for governor, compliments of American Financial Group. Off course, father Bush made a promise to AFG President Edward Chism that he never kept - to get General Noriega a reduced sentence, new trial, or presidential pardon after Jeb became governor of Florida. See here for more background...

Now then, I had planned to stay quiet about all this just like I was told but when people started to threaten to kill my pregnant wife and took shots at me, I kind of took offense to that sort of behavior, and found it extremely rude when PM Harper sent Ms. Frazier to trick me and I was forced to leave Canada under false pretenses. It has been 9 long years since I wrote that letter to PM Harper, and I still did not get the courtesy of a reply your Majesty. This better explains my situation:

So now that I am exiled in China against my will, could you kindly ask PM Harper to do the right thing and allow me to reunite with my family in Canada, so that when someone gives me a heart attack or suicides me, I will at least be able to spend my last days with my Canadian family?

Most Respectfully & Gratefully Yours,

Bruce Gorcyca
Former VP of American Financial Group
Now Exiled in Beijing, China
Contact: BruceGorcyca{at}

P.S. Just curious, is it true you have over 1,000 hats?