Open Letter To PM Justin Trudeau - Help Exiled Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca Come Home To Canadian Family And Testify About Corruption Of Fake Extradition

Subject: Open Letter To PM Justin Trudeau - Help Exiled Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca Come Home To Canadian Family And Testify About Corruption Of Fake Extradition
From: Canadians of Conscience
Date: 20 Oct 2015

Congratulations on your historic victory Prime Minister Trudeau! The world hopes you will continue the humanitarian legacy of your late great father.

In his name we ask that you right the horrible wrong created by the unlawful fake extradition of a father and 17 year husband to a Canadian family who was punished not for what he did but for what he knows. The man I speak about is Bruce Gorcyca who came to Canada in 2000 seeking refuge and sanctuary from American political thugs who threatened to kill him and his pregnant Canadian wife. Only days after filing a report with Amnesty International he we "detained" illegally for 10.5 in maximum security confinement by Immigration Canada "at the request of the U.S. government" even though no criminal charges were filed against him in any country, and he entered Canada legally. He was not even allowed to attend the funeral of his Canadian father-in-law.

While detained there were two attempts made on his life including a fake suicide attempt. A stabbing attempt by a complete stranger (another prisoner) was thwarted by veteran Toronto Detective Abraham "Chris" Bailey.

As you know, Canadian law requires that all immigration detention hearings be open to the public, yet 11 of 12 hearings held for Mr. Gorcyca were in total secret closed-door proceedings. Why? For the whole story related this injustice, please visit and read

You should also know that with two weeks of being "detained" Mr. Gorcyca filed a refugee claim that was ignored and never heard for 8 years. You should also know that...

* Mr. Gorcyca was unindicted for any crime when he was extradited

* Mr. Gorcyca was not allowed to even speak at his own extradition hearing much less testify on his own behalf - a violation of due process and the Charter Rights

* Witnesses of Mr. Gorcyca had received threatening phone calls

* After Mr. Gorcyca was extradited to the U.S. he was not arraigned nor indicted for months because no file could be found on him. Within five months of his extradition, the most senior judge in America (Jack B. Weinstein) dismissed his charges on December 17, 2007

* Mr. Gorcyca legally returned to his Canadian family in time for Christmas glad that the nightmare was over.

* Six months later Immigration Canada told Mr. Gorcyca that if he did not voluntarily depart Canada, he would be deported. Again Immigration Canada admitted "pressure from America was the problem".

* Mr. Gorcyca was told by Immigration experts (Marshal Drukarsh) and MP Omar Alghabra that if he voluntarily departed he could legally return to Canada in 90-180 days to reunite with his family. Gorcyca was warned "unofficially" that if he flew to any country other than Russia or China directly, that he would be "rendered", even though he has no links to terrorism. Aside from being a former U.S. Treasury Agent, Mr. Gorcyca's background is summarized here at this link:

* After arriving in China, more death threats were made to his wife in Mississauga who again, was pregnant with their second son at the time. Unknown thugs shot up their Canadian home and family car and then left nasty messages on the family answering machine that were given to the Peel Police for investigation. The above photo is from one of the shooting incidents.

* After 90 days in China, Mr. Gorcyca attempted to come home to his Canadian family but when he went to buy an airplane ticket, Air Canada advised him he was on the "No Fly List"

* When he went to the U.S. embassy for an explanation and to renew his passport, he was told he should go back to America and "cooperate" with the same people who previously tried to have him killed - a corrupt FBI Agent. See this here: and also this...

As you may or may or may not know it is/was a corrupt FBI agent (Terry Nelson) along with Canadians named Mike Huxtable and Pierre Jeanette responsible for smuggling more than $1B of cocaine and heroin into Canada (on native aboriginal lands in Quebec and Saskatchewan for years). Mr. Gorcyca worked for the company that laundered these drug proceeds for two years. The company was called American Financial Group. PM Harper was contacted by Mr. Gorcyca who offered his help to recover $43 million for Canadian investors who did not know they invested their money with a government "cut out" company and that General Noriega and "the big dogs in Washington" were some of their co-investors. Here is the letter he wrote to Mr. Harper in 2006

There is much more to this story including five murders that Mr. Gorcyca would like to tell you and Parliament about personally. In truth PM Harper is friends with Mike Huxtable and subverted both the refugee claim and residency application of Mr. Gorcyca. How do we know the extradition was fake? Read this link and if you still have doubts, please ask extradition expert Solicitor Gary Botting to review the case file. Also read the sworn 11 page report of veteran Private Investigator Ed Reiken which is an exhibit in this Law Society complaint against the lawyer used to sabotage Gorcyca's case after the lawyer himself was arrested for child abuse on August 14, 2001 in Brampton.

When the law is used as a weapon to silence or discredit whistle blowers, it is called "Abuse of Process" which is a high crime (felony) in most every country including Canada. When PM Harper authorized this fake extradition, he not only violated the law but the UN Human Rights accord. See

We now ask that you end the suffering and separation of this Canadian family and ask the House of Commons to investigate this matter via a special commission and allow Mr. Gorcyca to take the polygraph exam he offered to take three times while he lived 8 years in Mississauga, Ontario. People should not be punished for reporting reprehensible crimes that affect and endanger every single Canadian citizen. Your father never would have tolerated this corruption and we hope that you will put a final stop to it. If not, then the Ministry of Just Us has lost all credibility and the Charter Rights of Canada will serve only as toilet paper. Please right the wrongs of PM Harper & Rob Nicholson and restore the world's faith and trust in Canada.

Most Respectfully Yours,

Canadians of Conscience

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