a open letter NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg

Subject: a open letter NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 9 Nov 2019

Bloomberg what mostly you think that you're for the average american middle class families really. You're a rich man I give you credit you earn your wealth unlike that phony New Yorker Donald Trump let's face you don't want to pay your fair share of money to make things more equal of inequality you're no diffrent than any other billionaires out there you want to keep your wealth! Personally unless you have a legit plan on helping the avearage middle class americans when it comes to jobs health care as well climate chance ineqaulity among the rich &average middle class americans families personally you're no different than Howard Schultz or Donald Trump you're all about yourselves holding on to your wealth! I far as I'm concern you can go F ***** yourself as well your reasons for wanting to run for president . You're in this race to hold on to your wealth just like Schultz and other billonaires you make me sick! So you're the ***** that approve the stop &frisk. I'm a african american citizen the stop &frisk is offensive scumbag