An Open Letter to my Baby Nephew

Subject: An Open Letter to my Baby Nephew
From: Brittany L
Date: 4 Feb 2018

Dear Axel,

My dear, sweet nephew. In 16 days you will be two months old, and I will not have held you a single time. This isn't due to distance or time, it is due to the hate of an individual close to you. Your father hasn't held you more than 20 minutes, and that was on the day you were born. Your grandparents have only seen you for a few hours, and that was also on the day you were born. I never realized how much not being able to see someone could hurt, but now my soul is screaming for you and for my brother.

I trusted that individual, and I defended them. Up until a few days before you were born, I defended that person and tried to understand their feelings. They did not deserve my trust. They have broken my soul into a million pieces by keeping you from half of your family. We were ready to make concessions, we were ready to do almost anything to see you. Instead, they took everything without asking and made sure we had no choice except the hard one. Axel, I had prayed that for your sake it would not come to this. But it has, and I am so sorry that you are going to be caught in the middle of it.

To that individual, know that my disgust for you has grown and grown. I had no idea that it was possible to feel this much negative emotion towards a single individual. I despise everything you have done, and I look back on the times we spoke, the times I tried to reach out and understand you, and I see you laughing at my attempts. I see you have a field day with people's emotions, even as you promised you weren't as bad as the devil, you prove you were worse. All of your promises to not keep Axel from his family were lies. You continually said you didn't want it to come to this, I see now that you only hoped to pacify me because this outcome was exactly what you wanted. I can only hope that you will see this letter, yet I know you will still play the victim. You play that part so very well. Reading this, I am sure you will be having a pity party, but keep this in mind. Your "pain" cannot match my brother's or my family's. The agony of being separated from our son, grandson, and nephew will never match your imagined slight. I will never forgive you.

Axel, I wish only to hold you in my arms. I hope for only the best for you, and that you will never know the turmoil you were born into. I love you baby boy.

-Aunt Brittany