Open Letter to Linnea from Mom and Dad

Subject: Open Letter to Linnea from Mom and Dad
From: Mom and Dad
Date: 4 Jun 2015

Dear Linnea,

We love you beyond what words can express. We have cherished you from your first breath and our affection has only increased with each day. We never imagined loving anyone as much as we love you and your brother and sister. No matter what happens, our love for you will not falter. We will never stop loving you passionately. Never.

Our best memories are filled with you. 19 years of absolute enjoyment coming from your compassionate character, your skills and your joy-filled personality. Our thoughts are filled with thousands of beautiful images of you: bakery runs, private piano recitals, the “donut hotel,” singing “concerts” in the dishline at camp, hikes on mountains and through rivers, lazy summer days, Gram’s playhouse, the RV trip, the summer house, playing in the ocean surf, baking sessions, you yelling at your sister when she cheats at board games, “training” the dog… the happy memories are seemingly endless. You have given us so much to be thankful for: we look back and love it all.

We love your past and look forward to your future. You are so special to us and we want to be by your side through the best and worst of times. We have so much hope for your future, and for our future together.

The last 14 days have been the most difficult days of our lives. The pain of not knowing if you are okay is unbearable. If you are able, please, please let us know where you are. The greatest gift you could give us would be to communicate to us that you are safe. Also, we hope you understand that it would be our honor and delight to stand with you as you work toward having hope again. We are on your team forever.

We will never stop thinking about you, and wanting to hear from you, not even for a moment. We believe that nothing can separate you from the love of God. We hope you know that nothing can change our love for you, either.

We love you every second of every day and are praying for you. We long for the day that we know you are safe.

Mom and Dad