An open letter to the Honorable Michael R. Pompeo, USA Secretary of State

Subject: An open letter to the Honorable Michael R. Pompeo, USA Secretary of State
From: William E.C. Fogwell
Date: 23 May 2020

Mr. Secretary,

Indeed we all live in one of the darkest periods of modern history.
COVID-19 pandemic made the world examine it's own vulnerability in a way it never did since the outbreak of Hispanic flu in 1918. Then, as it is now, the United States had suffered an outstanding struggle, probably even far more devastating, then rest of the world. And as it is now, only the sacrificial heroism of American people had helped our precious country and nation to courageously withstand this menace.
Presently, most of scientists are certain, that Hispanic flu actually originated in post-Imperial China, thus more then 96 000 Chinese labourers, hired by the Antante during the Great War, being one of the first unspoken threats of China to the Western society and way of living. Although indifferent silence and arguable unawarness, shown by Chinese authorities at the time, could be gently justified by geographical isolation and political turmoil, this part of the world had suffered in the early XX century, that is not even close to what we have seen today. Today People's Republic of China is politicaly stable, prosperous country, more or less globaly opened and able to communicate on any matter, especially a deadly virus outbreak. It was assumed earlier, that the reason, for which current Chinese government did not warned the Western world of COVID-19, may be intentious. As you had outlined in an interview to ABC News on Wednesday April 29 2020:
«We can confirm, that the Chinese Communist Party did everything that it could to make sure that the world didn't learn in a timely fashion, what was taking place ... it's the way communist parties operate, this is a classic communist desinformation effort»
If this fair statement will be aknowledged by the rest of free-willed world and thus properly used as a subject of international political concern, these disturbing Chinese actions may be rightfully considered as a treachery of a global scale.
Such a treachery, however, once aknowledged, will not remain unprecedented. Frighteningly similar act of a backstabbing intrigue already was performed by China on Thursday night October 19 1950, when the 13th Army Group of People's Liberation Army had secretly crossed the Yalu River, thus preventing the US forces from successfully ending the Korean War in favor of a pro-American government, presented by Syngman Rhee.
The Korean War is now viewed by many politicians and historians, as a vital part of the most essential geopolitical conflict in history of the last century — the Cold War. What had started as a civil tension in a unite Republic of Korea, with warmongering intervention of China and USSR evolved into American Crusade against the Red Tide, that was ready to flood the world without mercy. Few veterans of that Crusade are still alive today. Their courageous patriotic testament, along with that of their WW2 and Vietnam War counterparts, serves as a unique moral subsidy for today's soldiers, performing duty in far away lands, fighting gloriously with Muslim radicalists and blasphemous ideas of international terrorism. It definitely will stay so on for the generations to come.
But moreover, this exceptional example may be used in the nearest future. With Chinese authorities keeping on precluding any adequate cooperation with the rest of the world on a matter of COVID-19, we can naturally and rightfully come to seeng all this, as an attempt by China to revive the Cold War ethics and style of politics.
(the most recent events in Hong Kong only proves the aforementioned)
In this case, the spirit of our sires, who had dedicated and sacrificed themselves to the first phase of the Crusade, must be held without any doubt but with ascending pride, as it is truly the greatest weapon of the Nation, ready to point at the enemy.
To sustain that spirit in living United States heroes and thus transmit it to proud descendants, some actions need to be taken.
Against the good will of the government, despite every sublime aim of antecedent presidential administrations and education workers, to this day the war is known by most common citizens as "The Forgotten War", with it's veterans respected, although far less revered, then those of WW2, Vietnam or more recent conflicts. This uncomfortable tendency to disregard and it's undesirable consequences must be avoided in view of rising menace, in interest of our country's foreign policies.
After inevitable victory of our people over COVID-19, United States government, among it's selfless devotion to many other urgent domestic needs of the Nation, must consider a possibility of an increased attention to the affairs of veterans of war.
Special concern have to be granted to Korean War veterans, as they do indeed present a honorable standard of American exceptionalism and every citizen's will to defend our country and way of living from an ideological rival in the East.

With this manifest of a citizen, humble sample of care to my great Nation, I leave you, Mr. Secretary.

Very truly yours,
William E.C. Fogwell,
Son of a Crusader