An open letter to the guy who broke me but who I never knew

Subject: An open letter to the guy who broke me but who I never knew
From: The girl that got shattered and lost faith in every men
Date: 31 Dec 2018

I hope you're doing well. I can't hate you no matter what you did. I want you to know how broken you left me and how you made me lose faith in humanity. I want you to know how terrible you were to me to make me fall in love with the person you portrayed but never were.

I want you to tell me why you did that to me. Why you pretended to be someone you're not. Why you used fake name, fake face by sharing some other guy's pictures with me saying it's you. Why you proposed me while being all that fake person. What did I ever do to you to deserve that? Why you presented yourself as someone you're not and since we never met you succeeded so well in it, congratulations.

But why would you hurt me? Why why why...
Because of you I am not able to trust any guy.
Because I think everyone is fake.

You broke my heart and you laughed when I discovered that you're not the real guy you showed you were.
You don't know the pain yet, but once you have a daughter and someone would do this to her, then you'll realise that you never should have done this to me or anybody else.

And I hope you never repeat this with anyone else.