open letter to Georgia governor Brian Kemp

Subject: open letter to Georgia governor Brian Kemp
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 24 Apr 2020

Mr Kemp you're one ignorant uncaring kiss ass money hunger weasel (POS) of a politician& human being for putting the wisk of georgia citizens by reopening the economy when georgia didn't meet the whitehouse requirments fourteen days stopping the spread of the coronavirus that killed over six-hundred people of georgia. You say this isn't politics &you went by data what data you went by sure it wasn't the doctors &experts data let me guess the unemployment claims &the fact you're pressure by Donald Trump insisted on opening up the economy. The economy open up so what people isn't going back just because you say nor Trump .people are not comfortable knowing this virus isn'tcontain you're a real genuis not opening up barber shops tatoos parlons gyms etc when people is suppose to be six feet apart you're the most dummest piece of sh*t little weasel just want to please Trump kissing his fat a** for his blessing! If more people dies by your decision to open up the economy it's on you Trump isn't going to back you up nor the other republican govornors who decided to open up the country too soon Trump is going to leave you high & dry . He has already distance himself from your dumb a** for your decision on opening up the economy people of georgia is going to remember you come 2024 they're not going to forget the lives you cause punk mutha f****** Trump kiss asser!