Open Letter to Franklin Graham

Subject: Open Letter to Franklin Graham
Date: 19 Jan 2021

Mr. Franklin Graham
C/0 Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc.
1 Billy Graham Pkwy.
Charlotte, NC. 28201

Dear Mr. Franklin Graham: January 17, 2021

I write this Open Letter to Franklin Graham and would like to speak softly, with no malice. I am a man just like you. I grew up on a dairy farm. I am a Christian, I was baptized as a result of a Billy Graham Crusade at twelve years of age at the Oak Street Theatre where I declared Jesus Christ as my savior and quickly joined a small Baptist Church in SE Pennsylvania. I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, an uncle, and I am a son, and for a short time, a lay associate pastor in my late teens. After marriage I joined a small Presbyterian Church close to where I live, where I have been a Sunday School teacher, a Youth Leader, a Deacon and an Ordained Elder. I am also a Republican.

Over the last few years, I have become more and more concerned about how the Christian Church that means much to me has been willing to look the other way as another “man” (President Trump) has lied, abused his position of power, all to enrich himself and his family while demonizing anyone who differs in opinion and who relishes his role as the great bully.
I have heard the sermons that talk about how God even uses fools to orchestrate his master plan--illustrations related to King Herod in the Bible but what I see instead, is a group of ministers also driven by desire for power. Is this so much different than in the days for Christ? Did not the Pharisees exhibit jealousy, rage and desire for power and ultimately provide for the true betrayal of Christ? Is the Evangelical right of today with their massive TV programs and fundraising capability also consumed with ratings, and the power that provides over their flock?

When you today compared the Republicans, who voted to impeach the President, and compared them to Judas, I felt I must act. I must not let this pass. President Trump is no fool. He and his advisers have been very calculating reaching out to two unlikely groups as the ultimate defenders, radical members of the NRA and those WASP, White Anglo American Protestants) that feel like they are losing their members and thus their position of power.
To be honest we all know that over the last two decades we have seen a decline in church attendance as our society has prioritized other activities. My question is this embrace of this leader the best way to address that problem. If we sell our soul to the devil who will be left to minister to? We no longer will have the tolerance to listen to anyone other than those of a like voice.. a voice of fear and hate.

Mr. Franklin Graham …with all due respect, You sir, are no Billy Graham. Throughout his ministry he did all he could to unite the country in times of crisis, he did not take political sides, but lent his voice and prayers to support those who were in need and was THAT voice that could sooth the nations spirit ....
He was not motivated by POWER but by Faith.. He would have prayed for the Black Lives Matter Protest, for those who fled persecution from drug lords and corruption, for those families separated by new policies of the attorney general, and he would have condemned lies and speak out for the poor. He would not ignore the policies of this President that have created the biggest gap between the rich and poor in our Nations history.
I thought the role of the Evangelical leaders was to uphold the moral character of our Nation, not look the other way so they could get access to the most powerful leader in the World on a regular basis. All this special treatment to has served as a shield for the President for his evil behavior that has caused more division in our Nation than at any time since the civil war.

So what do I hope to achieve with this letter? Perhaps reflection, perhaps a realization that you may realize that you too could be taken in by this false profit. My college Sr. Paper was on Jimmy Jones and the Guyana Crisis.. Jones was a charismatic pastor, his followers were willing to die for him. In your heart of hearts did you not see the same evidence of what has happened in our Country with this President?
He has convinced his followers thru his consistent lies just like Jimmy Jones, just like David Koresh of Waco, who learned if you use FEAR and repeat lies often enough and they are echoed loud enough by others that some people will follow you, and no longer question motives or source of the information .

We stand at a crossroads. We can only walk back from this cliff that we find ourselves by telling the TRUTH. We must share the TRUTH and no longer propagate lies . As early as his first few weeks in office he introduced the concept in plain site of “alternative truths” as quoted by Kelly Ann Conway on live television.
I must remind you and those who follow you that there is only ONE God, There is only the ONE Truth, and our leaders have no choice other than to share the real TRUTH with all the people. Something I sincerely hope, that once released from the bonds of this President, that Mike Pence can share with the American People as well. He probably more than anyone, has chosen to ignore the bad at all cost which end resulted in the great attack to our Nation on January 6, 2021. He too was a victim.

Mr. Graham I encourage you and your organization, and all the evangelical leaders you have influence, that you must ACT now. You never know when Christ will return. We all need forgiveness for our sins and the hate we have encouraged, but we know that with his grace we will be forgiven. In closing please do not continue to compare Donald Trump to Christ . Your comments comparing Republicans who chose to vote to impeach the President to the betrayal of Judas, and your reference to selling him out for ten pieces of silver are misguided and not worthy of the positions you hold. Those comments sound like those driven by a panicked driven cult leader about to lose grip on power. Not an Evangelist , a true messenger that God has called , who has chosen to spread the good news, and save souls from false profits like Donald J. Trump. For in the end we all know.. Love, not Hate will concur all, even in death.

Scott Cheek