An Open Letter To The First Man To Believe In Me: Dad

Subject: An Open Letter To The First Man To Believe In Me: Dad
From: Your girl
Date: 3 Jun 2015

Dear Dad,

I’m sitting here trying to remember a time that wasn’t filled with my arguing or foolishness.

As bad as those argumentative teenage years were, I want to thank you for them. Because of those years, I have discipline. Because of those years, I’ve learned more about myself. If you were just like Mom, I wouldn’t begin to realize who I am today. I’ve learned how I always feel the need to justify and explain myself, how I am not comfortable with not knowing why or how I am very intuitive.

You helped me become the better person I am trying to be today.

But, I’ve also learned what I can do to improve myself. It may have took a lot (and I mean, a lot) of mistakes and you believing in me, but each mistake was a learning experience, each mistake was something I could build upon and redeem myself.

And… I will. Someday. But, right now, I want to thank you.


Your girl (and, no, I don’t mean the dog).