open letter to female conservatives pundits&hosts

Subject: open letter to female conservatives pundits&hosts
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 16 Aug 2019

You conservatives pundits &hosts call yourself not liking Donald Trump as a Republican president and as a person I personally don't buy your act! For those of you that have your own shows discussing Donald Trump with your panels of "experts" how much you're discuss by the way Donald Trump act in the oval office the way Trump treat american people media insulting his intelliegence on foreign policy trade etc personally it all a day of work just trying to get ratings for your show .My honest opinion when you have African Americans particular Democrats strategist discussing the topics especially when it comes to Trump's tweets about blacks you're using them just to ratings particular black viewers to watch your shows.Let be honest & real as republicans you like his policies appointed judges on the bench tax bill military spending etc!The only and most importantly thing that Trump hasn't done in what you conservatives republicans want done is to government spending & the national debt other than that you like his policies!