An Open Letter to EMC EmailXtender Customers from Symantec Enterprise Vault

Subject: An Open Letter to EMC EmailXtender Customers from Symantec Enterprise Vault
From: The Symantec Enterprise Vault Team
Date: 4 Mar 2015

Today, EMC announced SourceOne, another replacement for its email archiving product EmailXtender – the third in five years. It is version 1.0 of a brand new product offering limited interoperability with existing EmailXtender archives and Documentum. We believe EMC customers deserve better, which is why Symantec is offering EMC EmailXtender customers a way to quickly and easily migrate to the world’s #1 email archiving product, Enterprise Vault.

Migrating to Enterprise Vault offers the following advantages that EMC has yet to deliver:

• Integrated SharePoint Archiving to reduce storage and E-Discovery costs.
• Integrated File Archiving to shrink backups, reduce storage and enable rapid e-discovery.
• Proven E-Discovery tools to meet longstanding legal requirements and compliance regulations.

Why wait for EMC to deliver these roadmap items when you can benefit from the Enterprise Vault content archiving platform today?

Symantec services and partners are standing by to provide complete migration of your existing EmailXtender archives into Enterprise Vault. To hear about an ex-EmailXtender customer who successfully made this transition, visit

Don’t get stuck with sub-standard archiving and don’t wait for EMC to deliver what 10,000 Enterprise Vault customers are already benefitting from today.

As of May 2007 the Gartner Email Active-Archiving Magic Quadrant cautioned organizations looking at EMC on the fact that “The late delivery of the newer solution and the shift in long-term direction for EmailXtender has added a level of confusion to existing customers and had fragmented EMC's archiving development resources.”

Enterprise Vault is the #1 intelligent archiving platform that delivers on the promises of SourceOne today. With over 10 years of proven experience in the archiving market, Symantec understands that archiving is a long term commitment and has been laser focused on ensuring Enterprise Vault exceeds our customers’ expectations around features, functionality and product quality.

If it has been a while since you looked at Symantec Enterprise Vault, take this time to look again. Symantec’s unique migration services are quick, easy and cost effective. To get more information about Enterprise Vault and the Archive Migration Service please contact your Symantec Sales Representative or Authorized Channel Partner.

Thank You,
The Symantec Enterprise Vault Team